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About Fakir Mohan College Alumni Association

Fakir Mohan College, Balasore, is a premier institution of the district. It is a full-fledged degree and growing P. G. College affiliated to Fakir Mohan University.

The College was established in 194 4. Named Balasore College, it started functioning from 6th July 1944 when the Government of Orissa decided to establish a second Grade Arts College in the premises of Zilla School and consequently the School became the Government College under one administrative control.In 1949 the College was named Fakir Mohan College (Vide Govt. Letter no.5787-E dtd.2.8.1949)after the great Oriya Poet and Novelist Fakir Mohan Senapati, who was born in Balasore.
Thanks to the inspiration and guidance given by Prof. Gopal Ghosh, the then Principal, Fakir Mohan College, Alumni association formally came into being in july 1994. with the overt aim of celebrating the golden jubilee of the college. Prof Prafulla kr. Rath, ex-principal,Fakir Mohan College was the first president. Prof Rath's legal acumen stood the association in good stead when with an untiring zeal, along with Prof. Anjan kr. Das, he drafted the byelaws of the association
which after registration has bseen constitution of the association. Though in the meanwhile Prof Rath has left for his heavely abode (January 2002), because of his able leadership, during it's early years, the association did not flounder in the face of the hurdles that are usual in store for an infant organization. On this occasion we pay our homage and gratitude to Prof. Rath, our founder president. 
Honourable Chief Minister Sri Naveen Pattanaik garlanding the statue of Fakir Mohan Senapati on the occasion of 9th Annual day celebration of Fakir Mohan College Alumni Association,5.1.2003. which after registration has been constitution of the association.


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