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Fakir Mohan College Alumni Association Byelaw

Fakir Mohan College Alumni Association

1 Date of Establishment : 17 - 04 - 94
2. Location  : The Headquarters of the Association shall be Fakir Mohan College premises, Balasore-756001.
3 Aims & objectives : Formed in the eve of the the Golden Jubilee of the Fakir Mohan College, it is to act as a complimentary and functioning body alongside the college and endeavour to contribute its best towards the over  all progress and all round advancement of the college including awards for excellence to distinguished  deserving persons, and meritorious  students, in cooperation with  the college authorities.
Rules of the Fakir Mohan College
(As amened partly on 25.04.2010, &22.04.2012 )

1 Name, Location & Objectives :
The Name of the association shall be FAKIR MOHAN  COLLEGE   ALUMNI   ASSOCIATION (F.M.C.A.A’),or alternatively “ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, FAKIR MOHAN COLLEGE”, with Head Quarters at Fakir Mohan College Premises, Balasore, Its aims and objects are as set forth in the Memorandum of Association.
2  Membership :
Only ex-students of the college who are not currently enrolled in any other institution can apply for annual or life membsrship to the secretary and will become a member on payment of the prescribed fee as determined by the Executive Council.   In admitting members, it should be ensured that no imbalance arises between the life and annual members.

3 General Body :
(a) ‘ All life and Annual members on’the rolls of the Association shall comprise the general body with quorum for meetings fixed at 20 ( twenty ). It shall have the power of taking any decision in pursuance of the objectives of the association.   Pass the budget and approve the audited accounts.   It may also appoint subsidiary committees of a temporary nature for specific purposes.   It shall meet at least once every financial, year.
(b) Estimate and Audit Committee :
There shall be constituted an Estimate and Audit Committee by the General bodyconsisting of three members to assess the resources of the association
and help in the preparation of the budget and exercise supervision over the expenditure. The audited accounts shall be presented by the Secretary for
their inspection before being placed before the Annual general body meeting every year. The term of officer of the committee shall be three years.
Executive council:
(a)  The Executive Council may have a maximum of 33 (thirty three) and a minimum of 11 (eleven) members, including the office bearers, such as President, three Vice-Presidents, one of whom will be lady, General Secretary, Secretary Organization, Secretary Public Relation and Secretary Finance, three Asst.secretaries to assist Secy, Organisation,Secy,Public Relation,Secy,Finance with a term of three years. The strength of the Executive Council for any term shall be determined by the General body called for election of the new Executive Council.
It shall exercise the executive powers corresponding to the objectives of the Association and the decisions of the general body from time to time, with at least 4 (four) meetings during a Financial Year, the quorum at such meetings being not less than 7 (seven) irrespective of the total strength of Executive council.
(b).  the composition of the executive council shall be such that the life members constitute a majority and that the office bearers are persons who are not
in active politics.
(c).   the position and functions of the office bearers who shall be deemed as such respectively of the Association as a whole shall broadly be as under.
All meetings of the Association shall be presided over by him or his nominee. He shall have a casting vote in addition to his vote as a member. He shall advise the members of the executive council for due discharge of their responsibilities. The decision of the council or the General body will be effective
after his confirmation.
The Vice-presidents shall assist the President who may entrust them with matters to deal with independently. During casual temporary absence of the President; the Vice-President authorized by the President shall exercise his powers and functions. In the absence of such authority the Executive Council shall authorize any of the Vice-presidents.
General Secretary:
The General Secretary, with the assistance of the Secretary Organization, Secretary public relation and Secretary Finance shall : -     
(i) Keep the membership registers up-to-date,
(ii) Manage the funds of the association, including maintaining the cash
book with accounts and expenditures jointly with Secretary Finance and
(iii)  Get the accounts audited and prepare a budget and an annual report. All these shall be presented to the General Body at its annual meeting after its consideration and be approved by the Estimates and Audit Committee.
Secretary Organization:-
The Secretary organization shall assist the General Secretary in the due discharge of  
the executive functions of the Association
(i) Assist the General Secretary in maintaining the Membership registers
(ii) Assist the General Secretary in organizing various meetings of the Associations including Seminars, Symposium.

Secretary Public Relation:-
The Secretary Public Relation shall assist the General Secretary in the
due discharge of the Executive function of the Association.
(I).   Assist the General Secretary in organizing cultural Programme in connection with the development of public co-ordination and co-operation in all the related matter, he will be the in charge of the publication of Souvenir of the Association and publication of various activities of the Association.
Secretary Finance:-
The Secretary Finance shall assist the General Secretary in all finance matters such as maintenance of the Cash Book, with Account and Expenditure and to take initiative for.the audit of Accounts in time.

5 .  Election :
Election of the executive council including the office bearers shall  be held at the Annual General Body Meeting preceding the commencement of a new
term, with sufficient notice to that effect in accordance with procedure to be laid down in advance.Vacancies arising mid-term which are of short duration
shall be filled in by the Executive council. As far as possible, the office of President shall be filled in by unanimous choice, which does not preclude election,
if it becomes necessary.
6 Chair - Person :
The Principal of the Fakir Mohan College shall be ex-officio Chair-person of the Association. As a permanent entity he is the symbol of unity of the old
and the new students and represents the continuity of the Association,harmony between it and the students and staff of  the College. Though his office is ceremonial,  he may have to perform contingent functions and may take an initiative in other matters at time of necessity to revive the Association if it
goes defunct or to resolve a crisis. His position is that of a  friend, counsel and well-wisher of the Association with access to its records and meetings. He
may attend and even preside over its deliberations at times, if requested by the Executive council or the President,
7..Chief Adviser-Besides the Chairperson there will be a Chief Adviser who will work as adviser to the whole body and will be a man of repute ,and person of eminence.He should be selected   as far as possible through unanimous choice.
8. Residuary matters :
Powers and functions not herein enumerated but implicit in the scope andframe-work of the Memorandum of association and the Rules shall in-here in the General Body and can be assumed through recourse to the provision for amendment of these Rules.
9 Regulation :
For more convenient transaction of business, the Executive Council shall frame suitable regulations under these Rules which shall become effective after their approval by the General Body. Such regulations should be in consonance with and ‘not in deoroga.tion of ths provisions of the memorandum and
Rules of the Association and shall be appended to these Rules.
10 Amendment :
Ammendment to these Rules can be moved in the Annual General Body meeting and shall be adopted and made effective if approved by a majority of
two thirds of the members present and voting in accordance with normal procedure as may be laid down in advance by the executive council after obtaining general body approval.    
11 Dissolution of  the Association :
The Association may be dissolved by the decision of an absolute majority of the members of general body. |n case of dissolution of the Association, if any property remains after satisfying all debts and liabilities of the Association, it shall not be devided among the members of the General Body but shall be transferred to some other registered Association having similar objectives according to provisions of Section-13 &- 14 of the Societies Registration Act of 1860 or to the Government.
12, Dispute . .
In the event of any dispute among members of the issociation under Rule 10, the matter will be referred  to the Additional Registrar of Societies, Balasore, whose decision shall be final and binding.


Secretary Finance                                       General Secretary                     President


Life time membership form Letter

Life time membership